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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What just happened?

The last few days were almost like a national vacation.
Everyone knows that nobody works on Fridays. Time on Fridays is spent getting ready for the weekend. It's a given that Saturday and Sunday are days on which we spin our wheels. Then Monday was a national holiday so we spun some more. Then there was what happened yesterday. I would be willing to bet that many folks accomplished even less than they did last Friday.

That said, I will admit to being almost totally engrossed in everything that was going on, also to being thankful that I was able to observe from the comfort of my recliner instead of the National Mall, where it was 26 degrees but felt like 14 degrees.
I am trying to remember the last time I spent as much time watching the inauguration and accompanying events. The answer is never. I didn't have the time... or the interest at the time. Up to now the one I remember most is Ike's first, because it was my first. And as a third grader attending school for a half day, I was able to see watch a good part of it. After that, either school, work or a lack of interest interfered. I may have watched some of Bush II's 2nd, but don't remember. There are some others that I may have seen part of. Nothing about any really stands out. The only other one that really does stand out is JFK's. I may have seen some, but probably not because of school. We didn't even have a television on campus back then.
What stands out about JFK's was the feeling of hope.
It's back!

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