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Monday, December 29, 2008


Something tells me that I shouldn't have posted the recent picture of Niles, my brother, over at WHTPFIHC. Already, two individuals have made comments to the effect that I have changed in appearance.
Normally, my reaction would be to point out all of the obvious... to me... differences between us. Then I thought about it and realized that there is a certain irony in that it has taken 57 years for anyone to even consider that he and I are related let alone the same person.

Niles and I didn't meet until we were around eight years old, when his father and my mother became engaged to be married. Up until then we had benefited from having no sibling with which to share parental attention. Mom and Dad were able to neutralize any advantage either of us might have had by moving all four of us to neutral territory (also known as an unfamiliar environment). About the only conflict initially was that there was only one bicycle for the two of us.
It helped that, although there's only a six month age difference, we were in different grades. It also was advantageous that when it came time for us to spend time with grandparents, we could be split up. It seems that the only time we ever got into any trouble was when we were together.
About the appearance thing, as youngsters, we were about the same size, though he was dark with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I have blue eyes, light brown hair and lighter complexion. Today, of course, that has all changed. He has grown to average height and is fat stocky, while I am much taller and thinner less stocky.
Somewhere along the line I will attempt to find a picture to post. But don't hold your breath waiting.

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