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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Potpourri

Gee, it was a relatively quiet Christmas around here. Just the two of us on Christmas Eve [that was planned] and only eight for Christmas dinner.
Christmas morning was different. I mean that Sharon and I got so engrossed in the gifts we gave each other that we forgot to have our coffee for almost 30 minutes. It's not like we forgot to make it. We just plain forgot it was made.

I think I figured out why the spirit wasn't moved so much during the lead-up to the holiday.

We added two more for the traditional after Christmas brunch. If anyone left hungry, it was their own fault.

In past years we've had as many as 25 and started early on Christmas Eve, dragging it out over two full days. This time even though we had less than a day, there was time to visit with everyone and catch up on the last year. Things were much less frantic and there was even room to move in the kitchen most of the time.

Oh yeah, about the lack of spirit thing. Most likely the sales promotions beginning in the middle of October really disrupted the rhythm of the season. My personal preference is to wait at least until after Thanksgiving.

All of the gifts are very nice... and much appreciated. Sharon and I don't seem to have much difficulty selecting for each other. In fact Sharon is pretty darn good at figuring out what to give anyone. I, on the other hand, can't even figure out what I want... or need... let alone what to give anyone else.

Probably one of the high points was that the rain stopped on Christmas Eve and the Sun was shining for two days.

I still haven't put up any outside decorations. I think I shall forgo it this year.

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