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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mixed Feelings

The only difficulty with having two blogs, neither of which has any real purpose other than to gratify some inner need, is that the blogger doesn't always know on which blog to post. This blog is supposed to be more serious than the other. Anyone who knows me can tell that "serious" is all relative where I am concerned.

On another note, I thought about becoming a movie critic. Then I realized that I would have to do more than attend movies and that I would still have to buy my own popcorn. I really never cared much for movie critics, or for theater critics, or even book critics. Then I realized that they not only see all of the good stuff, but they also have to deal with the crap, too. It's a small wonder they come across as cynics.

I am really amused at some of the shortcuts used in language today, mostly because it leaves the door wide open for us to create a secret language that makes absolutely no sense to anyone but those we have previously clued in. We could call the language Acronym. Then everyone would think they knew what we're talking about.

Just think. If we write OMGWTFBBQ, others will think they know what it means. Only we know that OMG = our money's gone, WTF = where's the fire and BBQ = barbecue.

Wait! I have an even better idea. Lets replace the letters with a series of dots and dashes. Then we can call it a code. Then the above would be written:

_ _ _ | _ _ | _ _ . | . _ _ | _ | . . _ . | _ . . . | _ . . . | _ _ . _

Well, now that I have done it once, I think maybe I will decide to find another way to denigrate acronyms. Perhaps the United Nations or European Union will assist with this?

Maybe I should have just written the joke I was reminded of.
Maybe I should have just written the joke of which I was reminded.

I am serious about not ending sentences with prepositions!!!


  1. And to think I was worried about my daughter!

  2. Is she the same daughter that Paul Teclaff wanted to meet?


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