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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Excitement series

I think we'll call the next group of pictures the Excitement Series.
Over the next, at least, three days I have some photos totally unrelated to one another [except I shot them].

The first relates to the danger we all face in this part of the state.
Saturday afternoon I went to the grocery store to pick up some items for dinner.
I was there for no more than 30 minutes.
When I came out of the store there was a huge cloud of smoke over the parking lot.
I had to find the source.
I drove around behind the shopping center.

No more than a mile south there was a fire.
Rumor was that the former Simpson Paper Company mill was afire.
It turned out to be a wildfire that only threatened to burn the abandoned mill.
The emergency response folks didn't waste any time responding.
There was a spotter plane from CalFire that's not visible in the images.
But if you click on either image to enlarge you may be able to see the fire fighting aircraft preparing to drop a load [it's left of center above the green space between the two homes].

I then made my way towards home [which just happens to be a little closer to the fire, but on the other side of the freeway], where I found a vantage point from which to take some more pictures.
There was some chaos created because of road closures.
That may have benefited the merchants at the nearby freeway interchange?
In the above image, if you enlarge it, you might find a firefighting helicopter in the lower left corner just above the last tree. 
The fire was contained at 40 acres.

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  1. The way the wind was blowing yesterday it could have been really nasty for folks between there and the river


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