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Monday, July 15, 2013

Excitement series II

The fire wasn't the only excitement.
The other day, I looked out the kitchen window.
There was the neighborhood squirrel paying us another visit.
It on comes around a couple of times a year.
Can you see it now?
It is really difficult to get a shot through the blinds directly toward the Sun.
Bear in mind this is facing almost due south at noon.

Finally, the squirrel came around to my side of the tree.
But I was still inside the house.
Eventually I was able to get outside without alarming the little fella ...too much.

Wildlife, other than birds [and most of them are bluejays], are rare in this neighborhood where everyone [except us] seems to have at least two dogs and a herd of cats.
So a visit from what appears to be the only squirrel in this part of the world is an even worth noting.

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