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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Halloween comes first

So the merchants are getting a head start on the holiday shopping season. Yeah, that holiday... the one that is still some 83 days away. The holiday that I refuse to abbreviate.
Another blog that I have visited on occasion has posted a minor rant and linked to still another blog's major rant about the situation. I am only doing my small part... and no, I have no particular affinity for Halloween. I just figure that if you're gonna start now you ought to include all of the commercially important days.


  1. Sometimes I may be too eager to put up Halloween decorations.

    As a guide, I insist on waiting until Christmas merchandise goes up in stores.

  2. You are right of course.

    Do you think it might be the ridiculous amount of pounds/dollars/euros that are spent on Christmas related goods? Why else would they try to make us 'forget' about the other important traditional holidays.

    Thanks ;-)

  3. Alex - if you lived around here, you would be about two weeks late

    Caroline - does it matter what I think? They aren't trying to make us forget. They just haven't figured out how to capitalize on those other days.

  4. Thanks, Skip! I'm all for ANY holiday playing out before the next one begins, so Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween... yup, all of them deserve their own time and not to be infringed upon.

  5. Yup, Halloween first - for gawds sake!


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