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Friday, October 9, 2009

Holiday redux

Ooh! I got a thank you mention for my post the other day regarding the proliferation of early Christmas displays. I saw my first TV toy ad last night.
It seems, though, that I jumped the gun a little. I totally forgot about Columbus Day. Yeah I know he was a little confused at first about where he was, but if he'd never made the trip we might never have a reason to celebrate anything over here. Besides, what better holiday to celebrate Italian food [will I ever be glad to get my new chompers so that I can enjoy an Italian sausage sandwich again].
Anyway I have put the TCF logo up... even gave it top billing. But remember Halloween comes first, then Veterans Day (Armistice Day) and then Thanksgiving. After that they can start promoting Christmas.


  1. Hardly!!!

    BTW - I notice Fern has her own blog.

  2. Back from vacation just now. Thanks for putting up the logo! You'll be mentioned in the follow-up post, in November.

  3. Suldog -
    Oh sure, it brightens things up anyway. I put it up on the other blog, too.


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