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Thursday, June 4, 2009


After hearing about how the surrounding mountain areas have been lambasted for the last three days by thunder storms, we were finally paid a visit by mother nature early this morning. It started with a bang. Then the pitter patter of much needed rain on the roof, followed by the sound of water flowing though the downspout outside the bedroom window. . . who's idea was that anyway?
By daylight the rain stopped but the morning paper managed to find the one spot where it would get wet despite being wrapped in plastic. I really miss the day when youngsters delivered the newspaper and made sure it was on the porch.


  1. Funny, isn't it? Not so long ago I was complaining about a super-abundance of the wet stuff, and now I wish it would rain to save me having to put the hose on the vegetables practically every day.

  2. We seem to be getting just a tease this year. Our normal rainfall is 33 inches, we've had 21 1/2. We are still well behind last year which came up far short of "normal."


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