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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life used to be simpler

I remember a time when there were only two ways to directly contact people, besides seeing them in person.
The first is through the mail. It's not the fastest, but the message usually reaches the other party. The second is by telephone. I mean the old landline type not cellphones. It is definitely speedier than the mail and you know if you have reached the party with whom you wished to speak.
Today though there are way more options and it seems everyone has a preference for how they wish to communicate.
this morning I wanted to send Mothers Day wishes to my daughter, sisters, nieces, stepdaughters and wife. Was I able to use any one method? No! I found myself emailing, posting to Facebook, texting and walking out to the kitchen to talk. Of course if I'd planned ahead I could have bought cars for all of them and mailed them using up the stamps which will require an additional two cents postage tomorrow.

Anyway --
Happy Mothers Day

Jo Anne
and Sharon


  1. Oh!, Daddy Warbucks!!! Buying cars for all of us!!!!! Yes! ;)

  2. Typo!!!More like daddy starbucks borrowing some money and buying a cup of coffee :-D


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