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Thursday, May 14, 2009


The century bike ride is looming on the horizon. So I suppose I should at least give a clue about my comment that the theme for this years ride is "Cookies."
The clubs operating the six rest stops have been informed that they will need to have on hand two cookies for each rider. The catch is that we don't know exactly how many riders there will be because many don't decide to participate until the day of the event. The numbers can only be anticipated. I don't have the exact number of cookies requested available, but with the information I've been given, it appears that somewhere between 160 to 175 dozen cookies are in the process of being prepared. . . or in some cases purchased. This may not seem like such a big deal until you realized that the cookies are only a small part of the food being supplied for the riders and that not all of the riders will consume cookies. On top of that, some folks will be spending almost as much time baking cookies as they will operating their rest stop.
Right now "Cookies" is not a nice word.
I may let you know if there are any leftovers.


  1. My mental arithmetic makes that between 160 and 175 riders, which seems to me a pretty good turn out. No, more than pretty good: very good. Do the riders pay an entry fee or are they expected to get sponsorship at so much a mile?

  2. Now why didn't I think of clicking the link before asking that question.

  3. Actually there's an assumption [not by me]that there will be nearly 200 riders. There are about 125 signed up so far. Not all of the riders see every rest stop.
    There are some rides that draw thousands.

  4. "There are some rides that draw thousands."We have one from London to Brighton which closes its list at 27,000 riders. It's almost impossible to get across from one side of town to the other on the day that ride takes place.

  5. How many cookies do they have to bake?

  6. There is a lot of competition from local charities such as Scout groups for refreshment tent franchises at the designated spots along the route. I'm just sorry that Brighton Lions didn't think to get involved when all this started. We would have made a fortune as the riders pay for high energy snacks and drinks.

  7. Our riders would probably balk at having to pay for food and beverage. . . unless we greatly reduce the entry fee. Ooh!!! And then we could charge for all of the other goodies we now include in the entry fee.

    And then anybody who wants cookies can just darn well pre-order them.


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