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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Following up

Yesterday's board meeting went just dandy. There was nary a dissenting voice nor were there any questions. Of course none of the board members was asked to carry any of the load either.
The issue involves applying for a grant. Our by-laws require that the board approve the filing of the application. Since only one or two of the board members are even familiar with the grant writing process there isn't much danger of any being asked to participate in that process. The hard part is knowing what information is needed to fill in the blanks on all of the forms... there are a bunch. The next hardest part was finding a typewriter to use to fill out the forms. It seems that they are only available as "hard copy."
The finished product will weight something like two lbs. and nine copies have to be submitted because they are to be reviewed by nine separate individuals.
It's probably a good thing that this doesn't happen every year.


  1. "Oh, the joys of bureaucracy!"
    ...and I don't see it getting any better.


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