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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A parting shot

The local newspaper is absolutely amazing. They have become almost totally automated. They have had to because they keep cutting back on the hired help. I went online to place a vacation hold on our subscription. Went through all of the rigmarole required to ascertain that I am the party authorized to deal with subscription matters. Then when I clicked on the submit button at the bottom of the online form received the message that the session had been terminated because of inactivity.
My next step was to call the circulation department phone number listed in the paper. That number is connected to an automated system whereby the caller punches in all kinds of numbers and so on. I did that. Then I heard the recorded message that my interests would be better served by talking to a live individual one of their representatives.
I bet they wonder why they are losing subscribers.
The paper was fairly heavy this morning... it had found a puddle to drink from and was soaked.


  1. Let's face it, it would still drive you quackers if they employed a few ducks...

  2. A duck may be preferrable.


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