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Really... we're back on this blog again... when out an about.
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It probably Maybe it means I can leave the laptop at home.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

fyi [see previous post]

I won't be taking up "the challenge" in the near future because -
~ My camera is broken
~ It needs new batteries anyway
~ We are headed to Fresno for the Lions State Convention (aka MD4) and I have to pack
~ We are also going to visit my sister and her family in Clovis
~ We are also going to visit my daughter in Sacramento on the way home
~ If I do decide to take it up, I will have to set up a place to put the photos
~ It's overcast so there isn't enough light in here
~ I am so busy making up excuses that I don't have time


  1. Oh yes, have a good trip. When will you be back?

  2. Late Sunday... or possibly Monday.

  3. My word, you are up early this morning.

  4. I'm up early most mornings. It's just that the newspaper was almost unreadable because it found the only puddle.


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