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Friday, January 16, 2009

Who me,.. Grumpy?

Surely it's an anomaly? But it seems like I've been kind of grumpy for a couple of days.
No, grumpy is too strong a term.
Oops! Wrong again... I looked it up in a dictionary and grumpy fits.
It's not like I have been in a bad mood so much. It has been more like I've been contrary or nit picky.
It probably has mostly to do with a lack of patience with folks who fail to follow instructions and the folks who don't even bother to find out if there are any instructions. Of course they have made it a crisis by waiting until deadlines before notifying anyone. The entire issue is compounded by the fact that these folks are all adults and are the first to complain about young people not accepting responsibility.
Of course this would'nt bother me so much, but I really do dislike negativity, particularly on my part. I just can't seem to get much of a handle on a positive aspect of the situation.

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