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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So the Superbowl is this weekend

I am wondering if any amount of hype about the upcoming championship game will be able to make it seem more important than what happened last Tuesday? Perhaps if the conference champions were decided after the inauguration, there would be a little more excitement. Perhaps, too, I am just a little put off by the entire thing because I have absolutely no interest in either team. Besides, the season and postseason are entirely too long. If the pros want to play more games, then play more often than once a week. End the season in the same year it starts.
The colleges now play as man games as the pros once did. What's with that? They've managed also to extend well into January. The upshot of that is that there still isn't any agreement about a national champion. The consensus seems to be that more games should be played to make that determination. I say forget it because nobody will ever be entirely happy about the solution.
While we're at it let's change the name to pointy ball since the rest of the world actually uses their feet to play football.

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