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Saturday, January 3, 2009


My niece, who is at least partly responsible for my blogging, posted about self-awareness. She actually related that she might have some character flaws. From where I sit, that's a fairly courageous thing to do. I'm not certain that I could be so open.
It's not that I worry what folks who don't know me think. I'm not sure that I want those who do know me to find out where I may be vulnerable.
Even more so, I may have to admit some things to myself. I mean stuff that me, myself and I haven't already discussed at length.

I'll try to open up just a little.
Over on Home Front, Steve Brewer talks about failed New Year's resolutions and breaking the streak of failures by trying something new. In his case reading instructions.
That wouldn't work for me. Ask Sharon. She can tell you that I read everything and anything. I will spend an hour reading the newspaper with nothing in it. Yes, I do read instructions, sometimes more than once. I'd even read them again when I need them... if I could find them. The problem is that I spend so much time reading that I haven't filed anything properly. I've been reading quite a bit about clearing out clutter. the only difficulty is that nothing I have read has solved my clutter problem. I guess I'll have to keep reading until the clutter goes away?

As for New Year' resolutions, I haven't come up with anything yet, but there are still 362 days left.

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