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Friday, January 2, 2009

Another new year rambles in

We had a quiet New Year's celebration. It was almost a struggle to stay up long enough to "ring in" the new year. Somehow we managed.
New Year's Day was spent mostly watching television. We watched the Tournament of Roses Parade. Of particular interest to us was the Lions Clubs float that was entered. It was really nice to watch from the friendly warm confines of the family room as opposed to getting up at 5:30am, driving across 10 miles of the San Gabriel Valley, finding a path through the "all-niters" on Colorado Blvd and sitting on ice-cold bleachers. Granted, the atmosphere was different but the view was virtually identical as that on HGTV and the bathroom was closer and much more comfortable. The real upside was that there was no crowd and no traffic to deal with afterward.
The downside was that there wasn't much to watch afterward until the Rose Bowl unless one wanted to O.D. on other bowl games. Even the Rose Bowl was kind of an afterthought. Neither Sharon nor I had much interest vested in the game, other than to see if the PAC Ten can sweep the in the bowls.
But I digress... The weather in SoCal was beautiful (sunshine and the 70s), while here the fog didn't lift until at least noon, and when it did, the sky was overcast with expectations of rain.
The rain finally arrived sometime during the night and pretty much diminished to nothing by daylight.

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