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Monday, January 5, 2009

Political Correctness

Well, I was going to write something about political correctness. Then that space between my ears screwed it all up. You see, I went there by myself again. It seems like every time I do that something sidetracks me.
In any event, I have decided that p.c. is a good idea. The only thing wrong... and wrong may be too strong a word... is when others decide for us what is politically correct. That's where everything went cattywampus. It seems as though every time we turn around some decision has already been made for us by some group who has "society's best interests" at heart. I am afraid that it has been carried to an extreme and will only get worse as the dynamic of the group changes and each time it changes the group has to mark its turf like a tomcat marks its territory.
This goes well beyond deciding what is politically correct. In some places it goes so far as determining from what materials one may build their home and what design it must be. There are any number of other examples and they are not limited to any area of human endeavor.
There are two major reasons why I lament outside influence.
  1. I don't like being told what to do or how to think. I have free will and can make up my own mind about what is or isn't good for me.
  2. Behavior legislation has forced the bad actors underground so that they and their ignorance are no longer nearly as obvious to the rest of us. The only ones who stand out now are the fools who choose to rebel by flaunting "the rules"
Awhile back I griped about the crass language heard and seen almost everywhere today. Ironically, I find that less offensive than hearing someone trying to correct it publicly. I don't have to have someone else telling others what I do or don't like. I particularly don't need vigilantes making decisions for me. It is bad enough when the folks we elect do a bad job.

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