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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What do we talk about when there is no other topic... weather, or food or weather and food

One of my favorite pastimes is to cruise various WEB sites just to see what others are doing. I can't say for sure that I have any favorites, though I do tend to find myself returning to humor oriented sites. Some of it is irony, some sarcasm and some downright blatant fun at the expense of others. I also make use of some government services provided on the WEB. Some of the best weather photos for our area come from the CalTrans site. The National Weather Service is kind enough to provide a Doppler radar map of the region. The NWS provides more toys on their site, but I like the radar.
I think what I like best about those sites today is that they are showing lots and lots of snow, but none of the snow is anywhere near my front yard. Fortunately, the folks who are visiting for Christmas will be traveling from the South and should not encounter any of the aforementioned snow.
* * *
Last night we hosted the Anderson Lions Club Christmas party. We were a small group so everyone was able to sit at one dining table. At the center of the table was a huge tureen of cioppino and other delights. There are some leftovers, but I imagine they will disappear before the day is done.
I have thawed the remains of the chili I made in October for those so inclined [he knows who he is] for a snack before dinner tomorrow.
I won't go into the details about Christmas dinner because that may preclude a discussion about it later.

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