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Monday, April 21, 2014

Egg hunt

It starts a few days before.
We don't take pictures of the initial steps.
But here are some of the cooking and coloring.

the process begins

There are four colors.

that's a one step process
We don't start them all at once.

90 eggs in each batch
Then they're repacked ...and we try to mix up the colors.

the eggs are hot

Then they are trucked over to the 7 - Eleven, where they let us refrigerate them until Sunday morning.

We can't show the actual hiding of the eggs.
It is a secret process.
But after hiding and before the hunt, Lions Club members rest a bit....

...before mingling with the attendees

They start lining up about 30 minutes before "go" time, particularly on a beautiful day.

the crowd more than doubled
There are plenty of eggs for everyone.


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