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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

,,,more from the same spot

Yesterday a provided an easterly view of the main street in Anderson.
Today 's view is a northerly view from about the same spot.
It shows the dominant features of the downtown.
The first feature being the main north-south railroad line on the West Coast.
The second is the old highway (formerly U.S. 99) paralleling the railway.


  1. A single-track railway is the main north-south line?

    1. Most of the rail lines are single track in the U.S., except in urban areas where there is a lot of passenger traffic.
      The are sidings every few miles for trains moving in opposite directions to wait until the track is clear.
      The main east-west lines across the country are also single track.

    2. Kinda boggle the mind that the government gave so much land to the railroads, huh?


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