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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Excitement series IV

I mentioned here we were having electrical work done.
The before and after pictures make it appear so simple.
Where the power arrives
Some is from the solar panels on the roof.
The balance arrives from the power pole behind the house.

The electrical distribution center

Then it is fed through various and sundry devices.
The lower meter between the two boxes measures the current from the solar panels after it passes through the power inverter on the lower right.
The upper meter, with the red tag measure the current from the power company... except when it is running backward and is measuring the current being sold to the power company.

The power still arrives about the same place
Because the new panel has a larger capacity a larger point of arrival is needed.

The meter's moved, too
It still runs backward.
It still receives the same electricity.
But, if we want, we can suck twice as much from the power line.
And the new meter gets a red sticker.

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