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Really... we're back on this blog again... when out an about.
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A look in the garden

I have to go to a Lions District Meeting this morning really early.
My passenger is stopping by for his ride at 7.
I have nothing to say this early on a Saturday.

Here are some images from the front yard.

The little daffs are up...
...some of them anyway.

One's a volunteer.

Over on the corner, by the fire hydrant, there are others, even smaller than the daffodils.

The weather has been beautiful except for the wind, which is drying everything out.
There's been no rain to speak of since December.
There were three wildfires in the hills Thursday.

I may smack the next person who tells me this has been a strange winter.
As long as I've lived here, no two winters have been alike.
I'll take that back they all have had short days and long nights.
that's winter


  1. I'm up way to early this morning too. Oh well. I don't have much to say either.

    We have a couple of daisies that have shown up in our front planter. That lets us know that spring is about to spring.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  2. At least you have sunshine, which is sorely missing around my house these days.

  3. The only time I've seen 0700 hrs in the last two years is from the WRONG side, i.e., as I'm goin' to bed.

    Them's some nice harbingers o' Spring.

    1. Obviously, Buck, I wasn't totally compos mentis that early or this would've have been over at the regular address.

  4. It makes me very sad to hear you're heading into spring when we're heading for winter. I detest the winter.

    1. Hey... thank you for stopping by.
      I don't usually post here any more unless it's by accident.


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