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Really... we're back on this blog again... when out an about.
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It probably Maybe it means I can leave the laptop at home.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Out front, by the fire hydrant

I think I posted some grape hyacinths before. There are more of them now and I tried to get a little closer


  1. Thanks for identifying these pretty flowers. Some of these are sprouting in our front yard and I was wondering what they were.

  2. How did you get that background so beautifully out of focus? That's just what I used to manage with the old SLR but these (cheap) digitals can't do it.

    1. I've got a "not quite so cheap (but it's cheaper than an SLR)" digital that has settings for closeups that I am finally learning how to use after two and a half years.
      I really like the effect, too


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