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Thursday, March 1, 2012

It was a dark and stormy...

4:30 am on leap day the racket was enough to wake the dead. First, the wind, gusting to 50mph, followed by rain blowing against the windows. Then the hail (evidenced by the picture of the neighbor's roof, above, at 7:15am) we thought would never cease made it nearly impossible to go back to sleep. Finally, as the hail abated, there was a light and sound show in the heavens for another ten, or so minutes.
Ironically, most of it bypassed the NWS recording site at the airport.
It was about as nasty as it can get and those caught traveling in it were quite so fortunate.


  1. This happened about the time I went to bed yesterday morning. To howling wind, sans rain and hail.

  2. Glad this missed my neck of the country. I little snow but nothing dramatic.

  3. According to the local media, it was a regular chocolate mess on the freeway yesterday morning.

  4. I heard that Gov Brown ordered the flag to half staff for the firefighter who was killed?


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