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Really... we're back on this blog again... when out an about.
It's not Facebook ...that's a good thing.
It probably Maybe it means I can leave the laptop at home.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

from the past

Five years ago... has it really been that long?


  1. Now you are in my favorite city--The City, where I learned how to drive and burned out my first set of brakes.
    I wrote a fun story called "Blue Car Tuesday" that you might have missed. It's archived on my blog and takes place on the bridge behind you. I think you'll find it fun.

  2. San Francisco is my favorite city.Of course you're standing on the Sausalito side of the bridge. Sue and I honeymooned in Sausalito in 1974 and a few years later we named our cat Sausalito. "Saucy"passed away after eleven years. We still think of ourselves as Bay Area people even though we've lived in Oregon for decades.

  3. Where do the years go?

    I remember Sausalito: an excellent restaurant out over the water, I recall.


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