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Friday, October 14, 2011

Tower Bridge

From the front of the hotel.

We'll probably revisit this later.
How I managed to exclude any people from this shot is purely accidental.

for my British follower(s):
The citizens of Sacramento have been known to be a bit pretentious on occasion... also ignorant. They named this Tower Bridge. They call it, "The Tower Bridge."


  1. I've heard of Tower Bridge, but I thought it was somewhere else. Maybe near London Bridge? No, that's in Arizona.

  2. Yep, Tower Bridge is in London, but this one in Sac is called Tower Bridge, also.

  3. If you visit this site you will see both Tower Bridge and London Bridge in the same photograph.

  4. Okay, so what's the bridge that was moved to Arizona?

  5. That was the old London Bridge - which was falling down anyway. Some gullible Yank was persuaded to buy it and ship it over to Arizona.

  6. Tell you what - it's great seeing Tower Bridge open so you can sail through like we did once.


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