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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Say what?

Sharon O'Brien meets Sharon O'Brien*

You have to check out the name tags by enlarging the image

Sherry's locker was next to mine for all four years in high school. Back then we knew her as Sharon. Today, of course, she known by another last name and we know the other Sharon as Grandma Skip around here.

*actually they met on Friday evening, but there's no photo


  1. I share my name with another Stephen F. Hayes. We spell Stephen the same way and also share the "F" middle initial. This other Stephen is a writer for one of the country's most conservative magazines and I couldn't disagree more with his opinions. Unfortunately, everyone tells me the "other" Stephen is much better looking than I am. Both of these ladies look sweet and make a lovely picture.

  2. I hear you. My given name is shared with my grandfather, father, and a noted special effects artist. I further share my nickname with an actor, who says there's also a professional photographer who carries our moniker.
    Go figure!


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