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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lions, (and tigers) and eagles, and bears, oh my!*

The setting has been left as natural as possible.

*we're not in Kansas the NFL... it was Oregon and there's more commentary here


  1. I haven't been to a zoo in like... forever. Which is weird, coz when I lived in Dee-troit we bought annual memberships for the zoo. It was great entertainment when the grandkids came to visit...

    Nice shots, Skip.

    wv: nests. I kid thee NOT.

  2. Detroit has a nice zoo... or should I say the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak is really nice.
    The neat thing is that it's mostly locals attending and they can give really good pointers about what else to see in their city..

    river came up for me a little while ago. Would it be a fun job to create v-words?

  3. Would you believe the Dee-troit zoo was within walking distance of my house? It was... which is why we went so often.

  4. Until a couple of weeks ago, one of the nephews was about three blocks away on the other side of Woodward.


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