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Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm gonna hate this

Perhaps hate is too strong. Dislike probably covers it.
This morning I have an appointment for my annual eye examination. It will take at least an hour and a half... plus the drive to Redding and back. But that's not what irritates me so much. I really don't like having my eyes dilated because it takes forever for them to return to normal.

Well, maybe something interesting will happen so I can post about it later.


  1. An hour and a half? Thirty minutes max over here - and that's every two years, not every year.

  2. In the interests of the truth, the whole truth etc I should add that the eye examination is free for old fogeys like me, although we still have to pay for the lenses and frames.

  3. Yessir at least an hour and a half. By the time all of the various clerks, techs and the optometrist each do their thing and then the time it takes for the eyes to dilate so they can take a digital photo it takes that long.
    I get off a lot easier now that I am on Medicare. Free would be even better.


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