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Monday, March 30, 2009

Nice time

We made it home without incident.
The reunion was a great success. Only three of the 16 were unable to attend. We have already planned next year's gathering.
The highlight of the weekend was a dinner-theater visit where we saw the musical 42nd Street. Even the food was good. The next best thing was a side trip five of us took to Bass Pro Shops and managed to get in and out with only one purchase amongst us.
The weekend was mostly fun and laughs. I say mostly because a certain amount involved airports and they are never really fun. Then there is the part about driving to and from the airport, which in this case is 150 miles each direction. I really don't have a problems with driving. It's the other drivers that bother me. [GRINS]

We tried to arrange a visit with Catherine, Rick and Hugh, but didn't quite connect. Now we plan to drive down today.

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