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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amazing little trip

I had to drive down to Yuba City this morning for a meeting. That drive normally takes a little over two hours. But by leaving at 4:30am I was able to avoid traffic and make the trip in 1 hour 45 minutes even though I had to stop to fuel up. The downside was that I allowed for the longer time and possible other delays and had to wait almost an hour for the folks I was meeting with.


  1. I had forgotten that there is such a time as 4.30 in the morning! Leaving then for a meeting really does show devotion to duty.

  2. Duty? Nobody told me it was a duty. That spoils the fun.

  3. Fun? 4.30 am, and you call it fun? Have you had your bumps felt lately?

  4. Since we just went on Daylight Savings Time, it was really 3:30. But that's only a number. And since I am an advocate of using UTC it was actually somewhere around Noon. It has been a long time since I slept until noon.

  5. OK, OK - you'll be fine when the men in white coats come with their little van.

    The check word is 'numple' - which actually seems quite appropriate. Have you ever been called a numple before?

  6. ...and next week I get to make an almost identical trip, except it's later in the day and on the other side of the river.

  7. Only if the men in white coats haven't taken you away before then!



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