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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sunshine - all day!!!

I went to my favorite spot up the hill above all of the commercial areas an did this panorama today. It isn't quite high enough to get more than a 180 degree panorama. I wish I could have included more of the mountains to west. Missing are the Trinity Alps, Shasta Bally, Southfork Mountain and numerous other snow covered peaks to the west.
That's not the curvature of the Earth you're seeing. It is due to the lack of level ground where the tripod was placed.
The mountain just to the left of center in Mt. Shasta (elev. 14,182 ft.). Mt Lassen (elev. 10,457 ft.) is on the far right. Mt Shasta is almost due north in the photograph.
I figured that I'd better get out and shoot this now or I may not get another chance as another storm is forecast to arrive tonight.
BTW - each time in the past that I have taken similar pictures we have ended up having snow in our yard.


  1. That's great! I wish I could work out how to merge pics into a panorama like that. It never seems to work for me.

    Have you bought a new camera or did you borrow one?

  2. I have Photoshop Elements. It almost automates the process. Some day I will remember to lock the exposure so I don't get funny vertical bands.

    I got the old camera working. I really can't justify buying a new one. Besides, Sharon has a really nifty little pocket digital that can probably most of what we require.


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