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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maybe science is a hoax

Did we really need to know
Information gleaned from other blogs another blog:
~ "The University of California has undertaken research into why men are better map readers than women while women are better at finding things which have been mislaid."
~ "
Meanwhile, Manchester Metropolitan University has discovered that a woman's love of shopping is a throwback to her days in the caves."
~ "
Other findings reported today include the fact that women who drink even moderate amounts of alcohol, a little as one small glass a day, significantly increase their chances of developing breast cancer.
~ "
...we have known for some time that up to two glasses of red wine a day reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer's disease or suffering a heart attack..."

Who is paying these folks? ...and why?
It seems to me that there are some really bright people out there who have created a niche for themselves researching things that most of the world's population could care less about; or, they are doing research that totally disputes or contradicts information from research already done. The real irony is that many have gone to school for twenty or more years to learn how to do so.
Anyone who has parented a sixteen-year-old can tell you that are experts and already have all of the answers.


  1. "Who is paying these folks?" you ask. Often, I suspect, you or I, through our taxes.

  2. Well, I know we're paying the folks at UC.

  3. And they've been spending your money on more research. See Pebbles.

  4. Yessir, I can see it now. The tea merchants will take this research, paid for by the taxpayers of California, and use it to market tea's health benefits.
    Well, I happen to know that tea is made using dihydrogen monoxide, also known as DHMO. DHMO is a lethal substance when used in large amounts.

  5. Just remember: everything in moderation (or moderation in everything, whichever rocks your boat).

  6. I understand that DMHO can rock a boat.


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