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Friday, February 6, 2009

I can't remember

I am not sure that it is really worth the effort to determine where I had the conversation about my adversity to ending sentences with prepositions. I do believe that I made allowances for awkward sentence structure.
Anyway, today I found a site which explains it and gets me off of the hook. I highly recommend Grammar Girl for specifics. There is also a blog, Grammar Vandal, whose link will probably find its way onto WHTPFIHC (nee Skippylog).
The worst thing about such sites is that I find myself feeling just a little sheepish. I read the Ten Most Annoying Phrases in the English Language, which it turns out is entirely subjective, and found that I am subject to remediation.
The best thing about the English language is that it is evolving. The worst thing about the English language is that it is evolving in ways which many of us don't necessarily approve.

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