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Monday, January 19, 2009

While we're on the subject...

Well, actually we weren't. The subject was broached on two other blogs.
No, it wasn't food. It was swearing, a habit practiced by many, many folks. Yes, I will admit to using a mild expletive a time or two myself. It was much worse when I was younger. Even that may be an understatement?
Today, though, I consider it a challenge to make better use of the language and to try to make my point without resorting to cursing and swear words. The tough part is forgetting them, particularly when they are heard in public fairly regularly and used by fiction writers in dialog.
The issue is really muddled because it is so subjective. What I consider mild might be considered heinous to another.
Just remember that, when I use words like "gee," "dang," "dag nab it" and "golly," there is a long list of much stronger expletives that I learned in school and the Navy to back them up. I just don't because I want folks to wonder, "What's he really mean?"

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