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Thursday, January 8, 2009


I see that my friend, Brian, has appended a clock feature to his blog. It gives the time both in the UK and California, which kind of reminds us that whatever they are finishing, we are probably thinking about starting (meals excepted, of course).

I'm not even sure why I even brought this up, other than this whole time zone thing is really a bother. I'm sure it made sense once, like back when transportation and communication moved at a snail's pace. What I'm getting at is that I really don't understand why it is necessary for the incremental time changes around the globe. We are already using UTC in many instances. Why not just adopt it universally?


  1. Since UTC=GMT, well one of them does, and the other is only out by about 9 seconds, I would agree that everybody should adopt it. That would mean, of course, folks in California getting up at what is now midnight and going to bed about mid-afternoon. Of course, if you think that Californian folks are sufficiently laid back to accept that, all well and good.

    Mind you, it's a bit like suggesting that everybody should speak English (including you Americans!).

  2. I know that I am laid back enough to deal with the time thing. But you'll probably never get Americans to speak English. Our forefather fought two wars about 200 years ago so we could "talk American." And if you think Americans are difficult, look at the problem they have in certain parts of Canada.


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